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"...a composer lauded for his romantic approach to harmony and rhythmic vitality."
Woodstock Sentinel Review, Dec. 1, 2008
"...an astonishing composer that towers above his contemporaries."
Andrew Webb-Mitchell, composer/conductor/educator
"From my experience and in my opinion, I believe Mr. Smallman to be one of our most talented and gifted composers. His music has a “shelf life” and is destined to be performed many times in the future."
John Avey, performer/educator
"Jeff Smallman's music is sublime and is magic to my ears."
Danaë Vlasse, composer/performer/educator
"As a composer, Jeff Smallman illustrates mastery of many forms. He possesses a beautiful sense of melodic line, and combines this talent with exquisite chordal analysis and structure.His legacy will continue for many years in the future."
Gerald Fagan, C.M.O. Ont., conductor
"...stunningly simple beauty in the utterly gorgeous Tuuti lasta."
Elie Landau, RARB
"Tuuti lasta, based on a Finnish lullaby, lays a supremely delicate solo on top of a luscious background that hushes back and forth like a mother cradling a child."
Kevin Sawyer, RARB
"Jeff Smallman is an inspired and insightful composer.  His music is not only a pleasure to perform, but it is also a joy to listen to.  His incredible command of melodic line leaves both performer and listener breathless.  On many occasions after performing Jeff's works, my colleagues and I would turn to each other with a smile and a sigh of satisfaction.  I know that in those moments all was right with my world for I had just been part of an extraordinary musical experience." 
Sarah Quartel, composer and choral performer
"I have performed a number of Jeff's compositions, with my youth choirs, La Jeunesse, and my adult choir, Oriana.  My choirs love this repertoire, and now look forward to the next Smallman composition. The first thing that comes to mind in describing these works is a unique expression of the vitality of the human spirit at its deepest level. It is rare to find a composer who is able to connect our soul's yearnings with the human experience. Melody and harmony flow naturally from poetry that speaks of suffering in Brier, of bearing witness in Sentinels of Glory, of joy and unconquerable spirit in Kicking Horse River.  There will always be a place in my concert for these works, and I look forward to the next one."
Marie Anderson, conductor
"The judges particularly liked your work and thought it amongst the very best of the 400 submissions received."  (re: La Danza de la Noche  for string quartet)
Dr. Paul Mealor FRSA, Director, University of Aberdeen Music Prize
"As a conductor of a Chamber Choir, one of the greatest repertoire challenges is finding fresh and fast repertoire that is not trite.  In a never-ending repertoire search, I was delighted to have found the upbeat repertoire of Smallman.  His writing is exciting to both singer and audience with lasting power for your choral library."
Chad Stride, conductor
 "I've recorded Jeff's Terzett for bassoon, clarinet and piano, and it's been an incredibly enjoyable experience!  The writing is very organic for all three instruments, and each movement feels well-balanced for length and content.  The melodies are romantic and sweeping, while the harmony has shades of Rachmaninoff and Brahms.  It is ultimately listenable, yet still sounds original and avoids sentimentality.  Bravo!"
Mark Payne, pianist and vocal coach
"I count myself so lucky to have worked with such a gifted composer!  My teacher, Heather Thomson-Price, fell in love with the song cycle Nocturnes and is helping me to "show them off" by getting me some performances in Vancouver."
Alicia Woynarski, performer